Nota bene: The Axios era begins!

Hi friends! I ended up taking a break from this newsletter for the summer, at the end of which I got a job as the chief financial correspondent for Axios. I’ll be writing a weekly newsletter, coming out on Sundays, please sign up for it here. The first one is coming out this Sunday, which happens to be the tenth anniversary of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

(A quick warning: If you don’t sign up now, you’ll get another request to subscribe from the Axios folks tomorrow. But then I won’t pester you any more.)

I’m still doing the Slate Money podcast, and I’m not giving up Nota bene either. Axios will be home to my newsy writing, but other stuff will live here. I already have a couple of future newsletters up my sleeve.

Finally, one request: I plan to end every Axios newsletter with a great piece of architecture. If you have any requests, especially if you have great photographs I can use or there are great photographs which I can get permission to use, please let me know!